Books By Title

The Death of Expertise|Deer Hunting with Jesus|The Knowledge Illusion|Learning How to Labor|Little Heathens|Hillbilly Elegy|#Republic|White Trash


Anti-intellectualism    Wikipedia|Hofstadter|Sloman|Nichols|Sunstein

Authoritarianism Wikipedia|Richard Shorten

Conservatism     Wikipedia

Codes of conduct Wikipedia|Cowboy Codes|US Armed Forces


Aristotelian Wikipedia|Aristotle

In journalism Wikipedia

Feminism    Wikipedia|Urban Dictionary

Freedom feminisim     Hoff Somers

Post-feminism     Wikipedia|Bolotin

Fundamentalism      Wikipedia|Forsetti’s Justice

Nationalism     Wikipedia

Racism    Wikipedia

Southern culture of honor     Wikipedia|Gladwell|Cohen et al.

Disclaimer: No, wikipedia is not a good source. It is a nice way to get an overview while building site content, though…

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